1. What is Gidö

    1. Gidö (Guide-O) is a start-up mobile application that connects travellers (tourists, locals, business men and woman etc) to popular tours and registered tourist guides simply and on demand.​ We use network orchestration as our business model to simplify the tour booking experience.

  2. How does Gidö work?

    1. Gidö is a marketplace for travellers and guides. You can sign up as either a traveller or a guide​.

    2. For travellers, we connect you to the most popular tours and registered guides in a city.

      • Once you have signed up and logged in you have the choice of which tour you'd like to take. You can make this choice based on a short description, ratings, reviews, duration, start time and category of each tour.

      • Once you have picked a tour, you can choose your favourite guides also based on ratings, reviews, profile pictures and bio's of each tour guide. 

      • After your selection of your tour and guide you can enter your pickup address and make use of our in-app secure payment gateway that accepts both Matercard and Visa. 

      • You will receive a booking overview and when you are satisfied with all the information, you can send off your booking request to each of the selected guides. The first guide to respond to the booking request will take you on your tour!

    3. For guides, we connect you directly to travellers looking to book a tour.

      • As a guide you will be able to receive booking requests directly from each traveller.​

      • The booking request will tell you which tour the traveller would like to take, how many people are going on that tour, the start time of the tour as well as the pickup location. You can even see the profile picture of your client!

      • Once you have accepted the tour you will be able to send the traveller a message via our in-app chat function. You can use this feature to introduce yourself, ask questions about their preferences etc.

      • As a guide you will earn a large percentage of each tour price.

  3. Are Gidö guides registered?

    1. Yes, all of the guides on Gidö are registered with the relevant tourism governing bodies of their respective countries.

  4. Is your payment gateway secure?

    1. Yes, we use a secure payment gateway that ensures all the transaction are safe and that your card details are never saved and stored.​

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email Kyle@gido.travel!